After building a household name as part of Byron Bay’s TORA, as well as releasing his own EP ‘Mover’ in 2018, Jai Piccone brings forth a sonic odyssey full of profound electronic production titled ‘Warning Shot’.

Drawing echoes to the likes of Roland Tings, ‘Warning Shot’ builds the suspense of the narrative through alluring synths and off-kilter percussion that sets the scene for his unique and gloomy melodies to grab your attention instantly. 

Essentially it’s about everyones desire to feel valued and the emotions evoked when the feeling of being valued is challenged, especially when it’s someone close to you. It’s my intention to do something new, but this song for me is a way to push my love for house / techno into a space that incorporates lyrics and songwriting with some pop sensibility.” – Jai Piccone

Fans can catch Jai Piccone across the summer on the below dates.

Stream: LUSTRE
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