Single Sessions is a place where we encourage you to put on your headphones, crank up the volume and block out the rest of the world for a little bit of “me-time”, while you indulge in some damn fine aural stimulation.

We don’t look for any certain genre in the Single Sessions, you basically get whatever we’re feeling at the moment of selecting each of the songs, and for that reason you can always expect a little something different each week. 

So without further adieu, put your headphones on, hit play and indulge ??

maxime. – ‘the apathy song’ [Ottawa, Canada]

All The Rest – ‘Far Apart’ [Georgia, USA]

HOAX – ‘unconditional’ [Freeport, USA]

Jay Cass – The Sky’s The Limit (feat. Leandra McNair) [New York, USA]

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