Following on from her debut single ‘Speak Honestly’ earlier this year, Melbourne producer/singer Memphis LK returns with a spirited second release titled ‘Roses’ that marks her signing to Dot Dash Recordings.

Built from the foundations of an eclectic combination of drums and bass that pulsate their way through the mix, ‘Roses’ injects a twisted and slight darkness into its soundscape which contrasted beautifully by LK’s heavenly melodies that float above the instrumentation. Accompanied by the music video directed by her sister Maddy Kelly and Bryce Padovan, listeners are able to gain a full perspective of the vision and inspiration that lies within the mind of Memphis LK with extreme clarity.

Fans can catch Memphis LK on Friday 6th December at Fredas in Sydney – 
More info/tickets here.

Stream: Dot Dash Recordings
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Twitter | Instagram

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