Delivering our HUMP DAY MIX fix this week is a new project out of La Louviere/Berlin called Rosa Ama which is made up of two Acid Stag regulars, Vhyce and David Harks.

They’ve just dropped a new release called ‘Ethers’ which is actually a “Day” and “Night” version of the same song. You can in-fact check those out below, but before you get there you have an hour’s worth of grooving to do first.

“I like to have a clear vision around a theme when doing specific mixes. For this mix I used only tracks that have some kind of vocals or vocal melodies that tie together the songs during the set.

Ethers, our new release featuring both Day and Night versions, feel to us to have a smooth surreal 80s vibe. So in this mix, I’ve curated similar influences from contemporary artists who are releasing new today. Many of these songs I’ve come across on my own while DJing as Vhyce, which is my solo project. The Ethereal Lights and First Nights Mix is crafted to suit those who need a lyrical direction to fit there musical journal just like Rosa Ama provides.” – Vhyce (of Rosa Ama)



1. Phil Gerus – Still Blind
2. The Mauskovic Dance Band – Dance Place Garage
3. Tomasz Guiddo & Kasar – Hide (Ewan Pearson Extended Disco Remix)
4. Fatoumata Diawara – Kokoro (Loya Remix)
5. Kiwi – Vicuna
6. Hifi Sean – Love Is on the House (Demi Riquisimo Remix)
7. Mood J – Looking Further
8. Pale Blue – One Last Thing
9. Pontchartrain – 1515 Broadway Revisited (ft. Larry Love)
10. Rosa Ama – Ethers (Night Version Extended Mix)
11. Jungle – Beat 54 (Krystal Klear 12″ Mix)
12. Kayroy – One Night In Prague
13. Valerie Dore – Get Closer (Tiger & Woods Remix)

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