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We’ve heard artists sing about having “the juice” before – but if those tracks didn’t do it for you, ‘The Juice: Vol. II’ by Emotional Oranges will leave you covered in feel-good vibes.  The LA-based duo takes that bold, grandiose, “I’m the shit” attitude to a whole new level, and it’s wrapped in the kind of hot 90s R&B we all love. The best part? Emotional Oranges isn’t singing about money (see ‘Not Worth it’) or the drip in that kind of way – instead, they’re taking the stuff we do on the reg and drenching it in the musical equivalent of glitter.  Suddenly, making out in a car or spending a Sunday with someone is the sexiest thing you could possibly do – and it’s awesome.  

In addition to all the sultry funk elements, Emotional Oranges is clear they have no time for anyone’s unnecessary opinions.  It’s not always easy being confident – we put up walls, we’re emotionally guarded, we’re afraid of judgement – the list goes on and on.  But Emotional Oranges takes rejection and tells it exactly where it can shove it.  ‘Your Best Friend is a Hater’ is a groove-filled warning to anyone who inserts their nose where it doesn’t belong. ‘Just Like You’ is a steamy ode to those lingering thoughts we’ve all had about that *one* person.  Add that to some thicc (spelling intentional) baselines and sensual guitar riffs, and you’ve got yourself some serious “we’re taking selfies in the mirror” tracks. It’s cool to feel hot, but it’s even cooler to feel sure of yourself and your choices, even if the results aren’t always in your favour.  THAT is the energy we need going into 2020.

Hot damn, these guys are good – if ‘The Juice: Vol. II’ doesn’t make you wanna get up and boogie, I have nothing to say to you.  Give this album a rinse, and you’ll be as ‘Iconic’ as the fourth track makes you feel. Who has the juice? You do, reader. ?

Stream: Avant Garden / Island Records
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