After providing us with arguably one of the best remixes of the year for RUFUS DU SOL‘s ‘Underwater’, Willaris. K provides fans with an utterly stunning double side release titled ‘5’OCLOCK’ and ‘PAST LIGHT’.

In true Willaris. K fashion, both release take us on a lush and profound sonic journey that builds subtly in its conception. ‘PAST LIGHT’ utilises restrained keys and echoed pads to create an eeriness in the soundscape, as well as an elegance in its approach.

Following in a similar vein originally, ‘5’OCLOCK’ begins with an alluring nature before the emphatic bass lines enter the arena, as well as the spine-tingling arpeggiated synths that intensify the piece to incredible levels. Once the piercing beats break through the mix, we are left with a contagious groove that is simply hard to ignore.

Stream: Soothsayer
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