Over the last two years Australian artist Emerson Leif has appeared on a few very successful singles with Golden Vessel (Hesitate, Shoulders, Daylight & Highway), as well as a track called ‘Say Nothing’ by MUTO.

In late 2018 Emerson Leif released his debut solo single ‘Twenty2’ which has since achieved some significant success all to its own, and this week Emerson Leif is coming back to us with his next solo single, ‘Wake Up With You’, which also comes with word of his upcoming debut ep.

“‘Wake Up With You’ is an expression of how life-giving a significant person’s presence in your day can be. To reach out from a dreamscape of sleep and feel the touch of a familiar hand. The seemingly simple experience of waking up next to someone that ‘just gets you’ is in itself both cathartic and regenerative. It’s also is the first single of an upcoming EP that I am excited to share in the coming months.” – Emerson Leif

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