Melbourne-bred/Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Benji Lewis is back this week with a bright & summery new treat called ‘Hold On’, which follows on from his recent single ‘Fast Forward’ and is also the next taste of his upcoming ep, “Here, Then And Now”. 

‘Hold On’ might just be the most intimate and raw release that we’ve seen from Benji Lewis, as he opens up about a time where he was in a messy relationship and trying to maintain a healthy balance within his own personal life at the same time, something we can all relate to at some point in time.

“’Hold On’ is about wanting to get past all of the unwanted drama and mess that this relationship is bringing to you and your life, but still finding a way to keep them around if only they can meet you in the middle. Not on their terms, but something that works for you and them. In a way that doesn’t make you feel like you are losing grip with life itself day to day.”  – Benji Lewis

‘Hold On’ is available everywhere now via AWAL, and be sure to check out the Chris Weigen directed music video for Benji’s recent single ‘Fast Forward just below as well. 

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