Toronto producer Zanski captured our hearts earlier this year with his smooth jam ‘Smoke In My Lungs’, and just when you thought things couldn’t get any better, he returns with another chilled out delight in ‘Younger You’ alongside Emilia Ali on guest vocals.

The standout for ‘Younger You’ is the seriously impressive vocal production from both artists. Both individually creating some serious emotional feels throughout their durations, but when they’re both combined and heightened with harmonies – you are simply left in awe at what just happened before your eyes.

“This song is about cycles, namely the cycles we go through as human beings, and how we tolerate them and work around them. From my perspective, it’s about stepping outside of your own cycles and re-evaluating why you’re where you are, and if you’re really okay with your proposed trajectory. Lines like “thinkin’ bout sleeping on the couch while they’re off in their own minds” is a concrete example, that, although somewhat literal, personally evokes some sort of mental removal from everyday scenes. It ties in a lot to mental health and connectivity to exterior unknowns” – Zanski

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