After a monstrous year including performances at SXSW and several feature singles under their belt, Australian duo Feels bring forth an intensified electronic/pop glimpse of their upcoming debut album in ‘Fake Fur’ alongside singer MISSY that tantalises your senses immensely. 

With a depth defying mix compiled of thick synth bass and resounding synths creating a thickness amongst the mix, ‘Fake Fur’ utilises the delicacy of MISSY‘s vocals to create a unique contrast that both surges through its duration whilst providing a lightness in its approach that is quite remarkable to witness.

“Fake Fur was so much fun to record with New Zealand artist MISSY! We were surrounded by fridges of Red Bull at the Red Bull Studios in Auckland, which meant that the whole track was done in a matter of hours! We really clicked with MISSY and were all excited to explore a fun topic that many of us can relate to.” – Feels

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