With news of an upcoming debut album ‘Fall and Fixture’ scheduled for release on November 15, Daniel Loumpouridis delivers an impeccably stunning single ‘Not December’ to give you a taste of what is in store – and we’ve got your first listen here!

Featuring and co-written by Freddy Kennett [aka Louis The Child], ‘Not December’ pulls you in immediately through the warped keys leading the march alongside the industrial sounding drums that play second field to the effortlessly smooth vocals on offer. ‘Not December’ reaches its ultimate form once the autotune styled vocals signal a shift in intensity through a rapid rise in force that leaves you gobsmacked.

“The process began with a reversed piano pattern that I made one night when I was killing time before bed. The next day, Freddy, Tess, and I were hanging out and I played the loop for them. Inspired, ideas immediately started to flow. I threw in the percussion – a pitched down amalgamation of various drum samples – and Freddy ran to the mic to start improvising melodic ideas.

When we found a few melodies that we liked, we started writing lyrics whose only purpose was to perfectly match Freddy’s mumbling syllables. That’s how we ended up with the opening line, “when you’re loving yourself in the face.”

What we ended up with is an abstraction of emotion – a song that would rather paint a picture through watercolour phrases and moments rather than communicate with linear thought.” – Daniel Loumpouridis 

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