Three piece indie-electronic band GAUCI delivered a captivating performance at the Ivory Tusk on the 4th of September for BIGSOUND’s second night. Retro, pulse-driven club grooves were a common theme throughout the set and created a great atmosphere for the night, enhanced further by tasteful lighting and the help of a ceiling disco ball.

Highlights of the night included their performances of songs “Anxious,” “Wait,” and “In The Night.”

Around midway through the set, Felix, the keyboard player, beckons to the audience. “Come closer. This one goes out to BIGSOUND: it’s called anxious!” The song kicks off with a powerful future synth that drives the chorus into a moody drop with a catchy, danceable beat. Following “Anxious”, the trio performed their new song “Wait.” Lead singer Antonia’s haunting vocals lull the audience into a trance-like state: “With all these questions it feels like I’m trying, To save a moment that feels like it’s dying, Where do we go from here, where do we go from here?”

For their second last song, the trio perform “In The Night,” a mesmerising and evocative track with extra reverb placed on the vocals, creating a strong, psychedelic quality with again, a powerful drop section driven by a future bass riff.

The band bring the evening to a close with 80’s-inspired synth pop tune “Paradise.” It’s the kind of escapism that acts as a gateway to another world, with an uplifting chord progression juxtaposed by the sombre lyrics: “Paradise is falling, I’m falling.”

Following the day of their performance I unexpectedly bumped into GAUCI on a street corner on my way to see another gig, and I took the opportunity to ask them about their experience at BIGSOUND: “It’s Pretty incredible,” says Antonia, “so great to see so many incredible acts.” I follow up with another question, asking them if they had any advice for artists wanting to follow in GAUCI’s footsteps. Felix laughs: “Practice your handshake” before adding “sorry for the crap answers, I wish you’d asked me fourteen hours ago!”

GAUCI have a few shows coming up in Sydney and they’ll also be supporting G Flip on her “About Us Tour” at the Metro Theatre on November 22 – check out their tour page here for all of those details!

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