Japanese/German artist Thirteen13 has come through with arguably one of the most wild, weird and interesting videos that you will see this year and beyond with her latest single ‘Blood’.

With horror themed scenarios and warped sensations matching almost moment for moment with the accompanying thriller of an audio that is within the track, thirteen13 serves up a piece of film that you simply must see – and will guaranteed keep you on the edge of your seat.

“This song is basically about the concept of revenge. When people fuck you over, you are faced with a decision as to if you will fight back or not. Sometimes, the battle is not worth fighting for, then there are times if you don’t fight back you get killed, and other times, not stooping to their level and playing the role of the angel is the best form of revenge, as they cannot direct the hatred towards you and eventually suffer from guilt and self-destruct.” – Thirteen13

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