Have you ever been alone on a street corner at 2 am?  If you haven’t, good – you probably have better judgement than I do.  But that’s exactly what Mura Masa’s latest single, ‘I Don’t Think I Can Do This Again’ ft. Clairo, feels like.  As the track builds, the feeling starts slowly, creeping in as you realize you’re alone – but not really.  The clapping comes in, your mind starts to clear, and when the chorus hits, everything breaks loose. The chorus, in its epic and exhilarating entrance, represents that stark, shocking, slap in the face instant where everything clicks together.  You can do absolutely anything, and in that moment, there’s no one there to stop you – it’s just you and the street lamps.

This feeling is reflected in the music video too – as Clairo sings alone in a field and in the bed of a pickup truck, you can see the concentration on her face as she processes everything around her.  When she declares “I don’t think I can do this again,” that freeing feeling comes along, and the other characters of the video spin into the background in a melty, trippy haze.  Always keeping us on our toes, Mura Masa steps away from his bouncy, playful house beats here and instead provides a pulsing subwoofer bassline to carry us through the track.  It’s a magical, youth-filled experience that reminds us of how much crap we’re willing to put up with, and how much we deserve better.

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