With nearly a two year gap between releases, UK artist Greg Wanders is finally back with his smooth and sultry sounds through his stunning new single ‘Hourglass’ which we’re proudly premiering today for you.

‘Hourglass’ achieves an elegance almost instantly through the spacious mix that allows the lush piano to carry the march alongside the R&B inspired drums. The piece builds subtly with its intensity that leads to a captivating chorus that sees Greg Wanders come through with commanding vocals full of pure emotion that leave you in awe.

“Hourglass was written amongst a pool of demos I’d created during a recent hiatus I was taking from music, ironically. During that period, although I was still writing I’d taken a break from live performances and detached myself from social media, the latter playing a huge part in me allowing myself the space togo deeper with my introspection” – Greg Wanders

Stream: Greg Wanders
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