The production duo of GoodSex have served up a soothing and atmospheric offering for their brand new single ‘Glow’, a track that is heightened by the impressive vocal stylings of Genevieve and Trance Thompson.

Implementing the contagious but not overbearing groove from the word go amongst the injection of ambience, ‘Glow’ endeavours to take you on a majestic journey full of electronic instrumentation that cleanses your palate through the calming combination of both Genevieve and Trance Thompson. Once the drums raise their intensity to its peak levels, GoodSex ensure that the podium for a dance bracket can be achieved to significant levels.

‘Glow is about the realization that you are not alone, that there are people out there feeling the same way you are and that together we can grow and heal. One friend may be helping you up one day, and the next you may be helping them up. For me it’s a reminder to be kind to myself and to others. A reminder that we’re all in this together.’GoodSex

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