We’re starting your week off in emphatic style courtesy of Australian dance producer ËMMË‘s latest banger ‘Don’t Make Me’ – a track that dances around the electronic/pop worlds with a crystal clear polish placed upon it.

Utilising moments of organic instrumentation, mainly in the crooning guitars that lead us in through the early stages alongside the divine melodies, ‘Don’t Make Me’ builds bit by bit with the electronic implementation before the chorus hits us in quite the spirited fashion that is simply irresistible. 

‘Don’t Make Me’ is an anthem for everyone that wants something they can’t have – something lost, in the past, or unattainable. I wanted to write about that moment when you’ve been with someone but life has moved on, and no matter how much you want to be back with them, you just can’t. The pain that thinking about them causes and the longing that you just can’t satisfy. I think we can all relate to this in some form.” – ëmmë

Stream: one love
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