LA’s Kid Bloom grants us an up close and personal look into his emotional side with his new single ‘EVRWNDR’, the latest glimpse into his forthcoming EP ‘Lemonhead’ set for release later this year.

‘EVRWNDR’ lures you in immensely with the psychedelic influence in the guitars combining with the tranquil pads to inject an ambience into the mix before the powerful drums command significant presence. From here, we see a Tame Impala styled structure created within the tight instrumentation that plays second field to Kid Bloom‘s raspy vocals full of sheer force and power that showcases the raw emotion encapsulated in the lyrics.

“’EVRWNDR’ is inspired by my hypersensitivity to emotions and how I sometimes paralyze myself with my own feelings as if those feelings are coming from somewhere else” – Kid Bloom

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