UK Dance duo Antony & Cleopatra are heading back Down Under this week for a run of live shows with Aussie lad Running Touch, alongside a few solo headline performances as well. 

We thought this would be a great time to check in with Anita from Antony & Cleopatra to ask the eternal question…

After my parents split, I remember us moving around London a lot.  When I was around 7 we moved to the east London borough of Walthamstow. My enduring memory was being burgled 8 times in one year. I later learnt that Walthamstow was one of the highest burglarised areas in London. No shit.

During our stint there, 4 boys from the area became huge. They were East 17. Their name was a play on the Walthamstow postcode of E17. I remember seeing the video for Deep while watching the TV one day and being totally mesmerised by these lads in matching camo and oversized wooly headwear. I begged my mum for money to go and buy the album. I’d make her play it in the car and I played it to death on my Discman. My favourite songs were It’s Alright and House of Love.

My neighbour friend and I would go round on our bikes looking for Brian Harvey who rumour had it lived 3 streets away. We never encountered him.

To this day, I’ll play the record when I’m feeling nostalgic. Asides from a few ropey production elements, the songs still stand up.

Antony & Cleopatra have also just recently dropped a new single called ‘Why Don’t You Just Call Me’ which is actually the main reason for the tour. You can check that out below right after the 1992 classic, ‘House of Love’ by East 17.

Check out the tour dates below then click here for all ticketing info  

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