After garnering significant acclaim last year for featured releases ‘Distant Places’, ‘Better For You’ and ‘Magnetize’, Melbourne’s Essie Holt serves up a bubbly pop offering with her new single ‘Give Me The Night’.

Leading us in with her effortlessly smooth melodies, Essie Holt serves up a spirited tempo from the word go through the partnership of playful beats and lush piano. ‘Give Me The Night’ reaches its ultimate heights in the chorus whereby Holt’s catchy lyrics echo atop of the pulsating synths which adds the final piece of the puzzle to a polished indie/pop mover.

“Give Me The Night is about a straight up ‘I know what I want’ moment where I told myself to run with the feelings I have because they felt right. It’s slightly tongue in cheek and is about having the confidence to be bold and saying what’s at the front of your mind. The rest can be figured out later.” – Essie Holt


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