Fresh off the recent release ‘HUNTER GATHER-HER’, Brooklyn artist Conrad Clifton brings forth a lush R&B/soul influenced mover with his new single ‘Everything / I’ll Be Your’ featuring Linda Diaz, and we’ve got your first listen right here!

Divided up into two sections, ‘Everything / I’ll Be Your’ begins in a sensual downtempo R&B vibe that accentuates the swagger within Diaz’s tones, whilst the latter half of the piece sees further implementation of electronic/dance influence with buzzing synth bass and atmospheric pads floating about.

“I stumbled onto Linda’s acapella videos on Instagram and immediately fell in love with her voice. Once I had something worthy of a collab, I hit her up. I was so excited when she agreed to work with me because I could already tell how amazing the song would be, before she ever started writing.

“I was worried that the song structure and tempo change could be overwhelming to write to, but she had fun with it and wrote from a personal experience in her life. I can’t believe this is only our first song together!” – Conrad Clifton

‘Everything / I’ll Be Your’ is another glimpse at Conrad Clifton‘s upcoming fourth album ‘GET YOUR WHOLE LIFE’, which will be out on June 7th via Infinity Pool Records.

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