Australian producer ARONA MANE returns this week with a unique blend of R&B-Dance on his new single ‘TELL ME’, which features the gorgeous voice of Melbourne singer/songwriter Maribelle.

‘TELL ME’ was one of those songs that involved a lot of trial and error in the initial writing stages, with ARONA MANE spending several hours locked away in the studio to find that creative element to set the core of the track alight before landing on the sampled vocal effect.

“The idea for ‘TELL ME’ formed from late night sample & crate digging the bedroom lab, keeping an ear out for anything that gave me ‘the light bulb moment’ or an idea that would help inspire me to create – in this case a ‘chopped female vocal acapella’. This was all I needed to begin creating the bones of the production. A quick ‘drag & drop’ into the Ableton sampler and I immediately began building the body of work around it. As a producer when I complete any musical composition I would either appreciate it as it stands or sit back & think ‘This would sound tasty with a so & so top line or vocalist’. I had worked with Maribelle in the past and I’m a fan of her work and knew her tone would be a proper fit for this. I sent her my idea; she recorded her idea I loved it & boom we had a vibe.” – Arona Mane

On the lyrics Maribelle explain; “Tell Me’ is about the miscommunication in relationships. It’s hard being completely open with one another when something is bothering you. You don’t want to look crazy or seem like you’re overthinking things. Tell me is about the encouragement of opening up.”

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