UK producer & rapper Jevon lathers up some serious gospel/soul/R&B influence with his latest release ‘Falling’, a track that achieves a cohesive flow in the melodies that takes centre stage in front of a depth defying production base.

‘Falling’ delivers a very warm sound palate, a feat which is achieved through the colourful organ utilisation as well as the playful nature of Jevon‘s vocal delivery. With crisp R&B beats piercing through the mix and the alluring call and response tactic used throughout, ‘Falling’ is a true testament to the artillery of the UK artist that continues to shine through every release.

“The song feels like a constant cycle, emotionally and mentally. I was reflecting on a time when my head was in a completely different place. I had a hard time letting go of things out of my control. No matter what I did I felt like everything kept me going back to the same place.” – Jevon.

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