Cub Sport released their brand-new self-titled album last Friday and I have been snuggling up to it all weekend. It features a very generous 15-track collection of what may be their best work to-date, there’s a special guest appearance from Mallrat, there a few tracks that have been produced by Golden Vessel, and the album delves deeper into the relationship between Tim Nelson and band-mate/husband Sam Bolan.

“This record lays me bare but I can’t wait to share it because I truly believe it’s going to take you somewhere else. The past 12 months has felt like the most transformative year of my life and I’ve been fortunate enough to have many of you as a part of the journey. This album captures everything you saw happening as well as everything else that was happening that you couldn’t see. 2018 hasn’t been an easy year but I’ve grown so much, learned so much and loved so much. This album is about facing inner fears, living your truth, harnessing your power, being yourself, believing in yourself, loving yourself and healing yourself. “Cub Sport” by Cub Sport has grown from love, self-belief and never giving up. This record has completely opened me up to the universe around me and within me, something I hope it will do for you too.” – Tim Nelson of Cub Sport.

Australian/New Zealand fans can catch Cub Sport throughout March/April as they hit the road for a string of live shows – check the dates below and then click here for ticketing info

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