As we come to the end of the year we like to look back on some of the amazing albums that helped shape our lives over the last 12 months.

For me there were actually a few disappointing albums in 2018 which was a bit of a shame, but there were also a few unexpected releases that won me over in an instant, and there were also a few that were inevitably going to be stand-outs for me.

The list below is made up of the albums that I kept going back to time and time again, and the two main culprits for me were ‘Young Romance’ by Roosevelt and ‘Blood’ by Rhye. Both of these albums blew my mind during that very first listen and continue to do so each and every time I listen.

Massive shout-out to everyone on my list for creating such amazing music for us all this year. Thank you and please keep em coming!

1. Roosevelt – ‘Young Romance’

2. Rhye – ‘Blood’

3. Benji Lewis – ‘Together Apart’

4. Akurei – ‘August’

5. The Blaze – ‘Dancehall’

6. Fischerspooner – ‘SIR’

7. Geotic – ‘Traversa’

8. Bearcubs – ‘Ultraviolet’

9. Planningtorock – ‘Powerhouse’

10. JVLY – ‘Ache’

11. Litche – ‘Litche’


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