Melbourne producer Price Park follows up his debut single ‘Skin’ (featuring Michelle Brasier) in quick succession with the release of the enchanting ‘Fire’, which sees singer/songwriter Joe Kosky enlisted on the vocal front for an atmospheric delight full of depth.

As compared to his debut ‘Skin’, ‘Fire’ sees Park showcase all the tools in his artillery with a welcomed ambiance in the instrumentation, accentuated further by bright guitars, a richness within the pianos and alluring pads that lay the ultimate podium for the earthy vocals of Kosky to inject a layer of relaxation into the soundscape. Once we arrive at the chorus, a contagious groove in the percussion injects significant colour amongst the mix that both pierces through and blends beautifully with the depth in instrumentation already present. Through significant depth and intricate melodic passages, Price Park achieves a polish in production well beyond his years.

“Fire is all about getting stuck in routines, usually destructive ones, whether that’s with someone or some ‘things’. It’s that ‘rock bottom’ that we all hit at some point in our lives, and the resolve for things to change that eventuates. The production reflects that. It’s triumphant and passionate. It’s driving and hopeful.”Price Park

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