Fresh from supporting the likes of Jhene Aiko and SG Lewis, Melbourne R&B/soul artist Blasko brings forth a glimpse into his upcoming ‘Blasko In Love Pt. 2′ EP with a gloomy offering in ‘Japanese Hotel’ out now via Majestic Casual Records.

‘Japanese Hotel’ evokes a feeling from its inception that you’re walking into the mind of Blasko, with the sense of a thick cloudy fog being injected into the soundscape. This murkiness is offset through the lively percussion filled with significant groove that layers up beautifully with the charming vocal melodies of Blasko, which are heightened further through the use of haunting harmonies. Complimented with a colourful set of instrumentation in the vibrant keys & charismatic guitar/bass partnership, ‘Japanese Hotel’ oozes swagger through every aspect of its composition and lays the foundations for individualistic visualisations to occur through the listeners.

Stream & Buy: Majestic Casual Records
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