Last Friday Matthew Dear released his first album in six years, and I have been giving it a real good flogging.

It’s called ‘Bunny’ and it features a generous 14-track collection of Dear’s eclectic, moody, avant-pop sound, and to prove just how eclectic he can be there are two tracks in there which feature Canadian indie pop sisters Tegan and Sara.

This is definitely an album for the library and I reckon it’s going to hang around for quite some time. I also reckon we’ll be seeing it in a few top album lists this year.

Thanks for the awesome new tunes Matt!

“There is something I’ve come to love about my career. I really can do whatever I want. So long as I feel it’s the best use of time, or yields results that translate into good music later. That’s where you’ll find the music dad. It’s in my head. It’s on my hard drives. It’s in my car driving the girls to school in the morning. They even asked me how Tegan and Sara snuck in and out of the house without them noticing to make those songs with me. The music is always there. It’s just a matter of time before it starts to bubble over and finally get stamped ‘property of the people.’” – Matthew Dear 

Stream & Buy via: Ghostly International
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