Fresh off captivating fans across Australia and abroad with his latest single ‘Echo’, Sydney native Billy Fox headed down to Boney in Melbourne for an intimate midweek delight as part of his two-date tour.

Rocking a two-piece set up instrumentation wise, featuring drums and Billy Fox on vocal/guitar duties, you could tell from early in the night that punters were about to witness the Sydney singer/producer lay everything on the line through a cosy setting. Incepting tracks with a near ‘looping’ effect with his guitar strumming, it didn’t take too long for Fox to bring forth those captivating falsetto vocals out which were subtly heightened using crisp harmonies that would leave you gobsmacked with admiration. This was noted during ‘Let’s Be Honest’, whereby Fox evoked a near Tash Sultana with a central focus on enticing guitars combining with thumping percussion to echo through the venue.

In a change of pace, Fox was all alone on the stage to provide a moment of reprieve and strip back the night briefly. From incepting this section of the night with an impressive upbeat take on Gang of Youth’s ‘Keep Me In the Open’ that stood as a platform for Fox to display his raspy low end vocals, this quickly managed to become an exciting medley of cover tracks all blended into one. We soon moved into Amy Shark’s ‘Adore’ that like the previous cover, mesmerised from note to note as the rendition transcended with a blend of mid to high range vocals. Before you knew it, this changed once again into a surprising quick blend of Van Morrison’s ‘Bright Side of the Road’ & Bob Marley’s ‘No Woman No Cry’ to round out a surprising but very welcomed period in the set.

To lift the intensity right back up to its high levels, Billy Fox launches into some new material such as ‘Fix What’s Broken’ that really acted as a stand out piece of the night. This perfectly blended into the recent release ‘Echo’, an incredible track on its own merit recorded but seeing this in the flesh was an incredible experience. Fox jumps right into his complete element here with one of the best displays of falsetto that you’ll see, which blends cohesively with the percussion on display.

If this show is anything to go by, Billy Fox is quite the standout act. With a unique balance between effortless mid-range and enchanting falsetto complimenting the momentum driven instrumentation – there is no doubt that Fox is well and truly on top of his game.

Fans can catch Billy Fox on his remaining ‘Echo’ launch shows below:


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