‘It’s About Time’ is the ninth studio album by the legendary disco-funk crew known as CHIC, and it’s also their first album release in over 26 years!

The album has been written and conducted by the band’s guitarist & main-man Nile Rodgers, and features a huge cast of all-star collaborators such as Mura Masa, Vic Mensa, Nao, Craig David, Lady Gaga and Sir Elton John.

Lovers of funk, disco and soulful RnB are going to lose their shit over this album and its 10 gizz worthy tunes. Some seriously good stuff in here. Enjoy!

“This is the most self-indulgent album I’ve ever done in my life. I don’t normally make records like this because I don’t have the power to say ‘this is how it’s gonna go and I’m gonna tell this really big story.’ So now that I do, I can do it my way and this is happening my way exactly. And I just hope people get it and like it and understand it. It’s a geeky record, and a very idealistic record.” – Nile Rodgers (via Billboard)

‘It’s About Time’ is just the first of a two-part album that CHIC has in the works, with album #2 rumoured to feature artists such as Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak, but you’ll have to wait until February 2019 for that bad-boy to come round.

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