Australian artist YATES releases his sophomore EP ‘Holiday Apartment’; a body of work that proves YATES can explore a range of genres comfortably and intimately.

The opening track ‘Under a Bridge’ features strong, catchy vocals with intimate lyrics. While ‘Shrug Off The Gruff’ and ‘Get The Gist’ are lively and upbeat, capturing his pop sensibilities, There’s also ‘Living On The Moon’ an acoustic jam, that shows YATES can play up and down production values.  It’s an honest EP, with moments where we see what YATES sees, it’s a raw touch that will resonate with a lot of listeners.

“It may sound strange, but I decided to take a ‘’holiday’’ in my very own ”apartment”. I redecorated and re-arranged the apartment, and that somehow helped me see everything a little bit differently. With this EP, I wanted to create a whole mind-map of what life throws at you but in a cheerful and almost comical way. Lyrically, I think this EP is truly motivated from the idea ’’to make something out of what you have’’ and therefore also has this get knocked down, get back up attitude to it. Some things you just need to shrug off so you can get straight back to the party.” — YATES

The EP release also comes with a video for  ‘Living on a Moon’; a story told in one continuous shot with sombre tones, check it out below.

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