After a near 16-month absence which saw feature performances at Coachella, Lollapalooza and Electric Forrest, New York producer Jai Wolf returns into our hearts in 2018 with the tantalizing ‘Lost’ – a nostalgic journey tackling the dissolution we all face with our hopes and goals with a central focus on emphatic electronica, which enlists the captivating vocals of Chelsea Jade.

From the beginning of ‘Lost’, we see influences of The Naked And Famous and CHVRCHES in the form of soaring electronic bass combining with the crisp percussion piercing through the mix. These create the solid foundations for Chelsea Jade to stand on top of to deliver magnetic melodies full of hope and endeavour that hook us in instantly. Jai Wolf carefully builds the intensity that matches the playful vocal melodies through an increased arpeggiated bassline and sirens poking throughout the background, which crescendo into the bright chorus full of differing shades of colour. It is here we see the mastery of Jai Wolf’s skill set, as we see the vigorous percussion combine with the lightness in the synth melody depicting a deepness in the overall mix that matches the emotional context within the storyline.

Fans can catch Jai Wolf will be on support duties for ODESZA’s Fall Tour this October across the U.S.

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