‘Naked’ is the latest single from Danish producer BLVK IRIS, which has him teaming up with New York City artists Micky Blue and Janelle Kroll for their meaningful songwriting & vocal skills, and it sure has resulted in a soothing, dreamy, electro treat that kinda makes me think of swimming naked with a special someone under the moonlight.

“The song has a lot of feelings that takes me back to 1990’s R&B and pop, music I grew up with. But still it has this new and fresh approach to the production.” – BLVK IRIS 

“We felt that in our current American political climate it was really important that we contribute to the conversation of women supporting women.” – Micky Blue & Janelle Kroll

Stream & Buy via: Emailing While Intoxicated Records
Artist Connect: Facebook | Soundcloud | Instagram


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