After supporting the likes of Migos & Quinn XCII, as well as being featured across Spotify’s ‘New Music Friday’, San Francisco producer Aash Mehta brings forth a taste of his upcoming album with the emphatic ‘Silver Linings’ which enlists the tantalising melodies of Lydia Kelly.

‘Silver Linings’ incepts itself with humble beginnings, built on a foundation of atmospheric pads and subtlety in the brooding bass-line that allows the track an immediate transportation into an ambient dimension. In turn, Kelly’s playful melodies are utilised as the integral cog in capturing the emotionally driven message in the playful melodies that built cohesively with the instrumentation to crescendo into the powerful chorus. Once we arrive the overall intensity in the track shifts immensely courtesy of the powerful synths smacking you across the face, and the sampled vocals providing a delightful contrast with the penetrating percussion.

Aash Mehta ensures that the balance within the moments of drive and contemplation blend with utter perfection, with this mastery being highlighted in the final moments of the track whereby the utilisation of the majestic piano adding a polish to a well-balanced piece of electronic music.

Aash Mehta’s upcoming debut album ‘Discover Infinity’ is out on September 21.

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