Back in 2017, Hercules & Love Affair released one of my top albums of the year, ‘Omnion’, and today they are giving another one of its glorious tracks some space of its own.

‘Are You Still Certain?’ was co-written by H&LA’s Andy Butler and a rising Lebanese band called Mashrou’ Leila, along with some additional vocal lines from Rouge Mary. This one is a little bit more chilled than the rest of the tracks on the album, but it is full of warmth, pulsing beats and vibrant vocals that will have you wailing along to in no time.

“Hercules’s music was largely formative for us, and getting to finally work with Andy on this project was tremendously gratifying. It was especially wonderful to get to pick each other’s brains before and throughout the writing process, and recognising the numerous ways in which our world-views  overlapped, which provided that sense of empowered solidarity that really cuts through the music and lyrics.” – Mashrou’ Leila

There’s also a video on the way which has been directed by Andy Butler and Joie Iacono, under their alias Hoarder, in collaboration with Robert Fox. You can check out the trailer for that below!

Stream / Buy via: Skint Records
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