With over 12 million Spotify streams and two EPs, NVDES is infecting the world with their exciting, new sound. This experimental electro-pop project was created by Josh Ocean back in 2015 and is based out of Los Angeles. The new single, ‘Anything Goes’, is building further upon the success of their earlier single ‘D.Y.T(Do Your Thing)’ ft. REMMI, which was featured in Apple’s iPhone X commercial, gaining them the attention of the music industry.

‘Anything Goes’ is an upbeat, four on the floor based track that has a carnival ride feel to it, and that benefits from the complimentary R&B vocals that accompany it. The music video, a directorial-collaboration with Frank Nitty, is by far the most interesting that I’ve seen this year. The different shapes, postures and effects are so intellectually stimulating and intriguing, that it may take a few re-watches to fully comprehend and appreciate it. 

“A song to describe the world I want to live in…where everybody feels good & everyone is accepted.” — NVDES

Check out the music video for ‘Anything Goes’ below.

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