LabrinthSia and Diplo have teamed up to create a new supergroup they are calling LSD, and today we get to experience their very first release!

It’s called ‘Genius’ and it comes with a very trippy & psychedelic animated video (directed by Ben Jones & illustrated by Gabriel Alcala) that looks really cool as it is, but would look pretty amazing if you were in-fact on LSD however we do not condone that sort of thing in any way at all….we’re just here for the love of music ?

“Sia and Labrtinth are already geniuses. I’m glad I was invited to write music with them…it sounds like you think, epic random amazing pop music from outer space. Genius video out now.” – Diplo

There is also word of an LSD album coming our way sometime this year, so stay tuned for more news on that as it comes to light.

Stream / Buy: LLC Records / Columbia Records 
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