Back in December, London duo Monarchy gave us the sexy disco-electro sounds of ‘Hula Hoop 8000’, which also came with the news of a brand new album coming our way in 2018, and this week we get to hear the second track from that.

It’s called ‘MidNight’ and just like its predecessor it also comes with a very interesting and somewhat sexy music video, directed by Alberto Van Stokkum and staring a not so innocent Amish community who wear gimp-masks and S&M leathers as they go about their daily duties.

“It mixes two opposing universes – the strict discipline of the Amish community with that of the fetishistic S&M world. The result is a disturbing aesthetic through which a story unfolds, that of a forbidden love between two girls inside this dehumanised community. Given music is forbidden, witnessing Monarchy’s performance gives them the strength to free themselves.” – Alberto Van Stokkum (director)

“The seed of the song started when I came back to London after traveling a lot and after falling in love HARD. It’s that joyful dizzy feeling of seeing that person in every animate and inanimate object. But I was also going though some difficult shit; multiple hardships and broken expectations. I ran to keep my mind healthy, but there were moments where it was just too much, too complicated to process. So I created this midnight place as a sanctuary for my mind. I would close my eyes and go in to space. It made me feel small but calm among the stars.” – Monarchy

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