Following on from supporting US superstar Kehlani on her Australian tour and performing at Vivid Sydney’s Curve Ball festival, producer/singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist JOY. brings forth her highly anticipated EP ‘SIX’, an enthralling offering of electronic and R&B influences that captivate you from the get-go.

Enlisting the talents of Khaled Rohaim (Rihanna, Ariana Grande, Ty Dolla $ign) on co-production duties with JOY. herself, ‘SIX’ begins with the slow burning ‘Fake It’. Beginning with serenading ambience within the synths and sampled elements floating in and out of the mix, it doesn’t take long for us to be introduced to the captivating vocals of JOY. we’ve all come to know and adore. Her playful melodies are met with minimal instrumentation in the form of limited percussion, giving the 20-year-old the perfect podium to outlay the emotional lyrics. As the chorus hits, we see a crucial blend of empowering bass and R&B groove in the percussion, that when combined with JOY’s sultry melodies, result in an intriguing insight into what we can expect for the rest of the track listing.

‘Smoke Too Much’ sees JOY. take on a more upbeat/pop momentum within the EP. This is achieved primarily through the progressive tempo in the percussion, combined with the chord playing piano which unearths copious amounts of character. The catchiness of the lyrics ‘Maybe I smoke too much’ is utterly infectious, and is only heightened with the accompanying harmonies lying underneath that achieves a unique sense of brightness within the track.

Throughout ‘SIX’ we see a maturity within JOY.’s production and musicality that cannot be undermined, and this is particularly evident in the standout track ‘Change’. The track begins with a James Blake vibe through the piano, and the lowered vocal leading the ballad’s inception. It is extremely hard not to be in awe of the vocal display of JOY. as the track progresses, with glimpses of falsetto and her mid-range coming on show to carry the pure emotion on display that transcends even further once the chorus hits. Once we arrive, JOY. brilliantly layers up her harmonies to build a haunting, airy wall amongst the enchanting strings, which allows for the outpour of despair to transpire.

‘SIX’ sees JOY. further solidify herself as a serious force to be reckoned with in the Australian pop realm, and it won’t be long before we see her up in lights globally!

Fans can catch JOY. on her upcoming Australian tour. Tickets are available now.

Rating: ★★★★

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