Independent artists Cassie Marin has just released a stand out EP titled ‘S.O.S.’ and it really highlights her incredible vocals. The Miami-based artist has really shown her diverse vocal range and artistic direction. Layered with personal stories of love, emotional pain and a real insight into her life, she opens a doorway into the life of Cassie.

Kicking off the EP we have ‘Compare’, it’s a bit on the hip hop side and it flows so incredibly and the beat is solid. She drips her vocals across the beat so effortlessly and smoothly, letting each click compliment her and vice versa. ‘Remember You’ flows in next, she really drops her vocals down on this one, pushing out some really deep notes that are filled with soul and feeling. The context is very emotional surrounding what feels like a heart break.

Changing up the tempo and vibe comes in ‘Candy’, the intro of the track really reminds me of the soundtrack to the movie Drive. It’s very electronic and smooth, with drawn out chords and a gentle beat layered until it. It really makes her voice stand out as she follows the direction of the music and draws out each note and many of the words, which adds a heavy element of intensity. Again the diversity of this EP comes through on ‘Find A Way To Love’ which is very stripped back and raw feeling, yet it builds and builds to a dance floor RnB jam.

‘Rock Your Baby’ takes you into the dream plane, so slow and just oozing with emotion. The way she describes her love almost makes it feel like an alternate reality in which she’s escaping from, which is really powerful. I dig the production on this track A LOT! Wrapping it up we have ‘Weigh’, a real slow jam and again heavily on the context of love and romance. There almost feels like a Romeo & Juliet style story to the entire EP.

I really dug this EP and think Cassie is going places in 2018, her music and voice are creatively incredible and she has great diversity going on. Her voice will really pave the way for her career and will open up plenty of doors for her. Keep at it.

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