Canadian DJ Joe Ghost brings his new style of exquisite Future Bass styled tunes, evolving from his early days of Big Room. In collaboration with Mermaids Exist, Joe releases a marvellous tune full of unique chord progressions and sounds adding to the level of emotion the lyrics present.

Joe Ghost took the industry by storm when his 2013 track with Hardwell, “Are You Ready,” soared to #1 on the charts and was named by DJ Mag as one of the year’s most popular tracks. Although he experienced incredible success in the golden age of Big Room, Joe Ghost’s progression has moved with the times, and he’s marching to the beat of a different drum these days. As an artist, he has adapted to the ever-changing dynamic of the music scene while staying true to his own tastes, thus shifting to a more organic, deep house and bass influenced sound as evidenced on “Let It Go.” This is just one side of many for Joe Ghost–who knows what else he has up his sleeve!

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