Eclectic music powerhouse CHVRCHES drop their first treat of 2018, ‘Get Out’. One can only assume (and hope) that this is the beginning of a tease to an album. Having a two year hiatus from releasing any original music, it would seem it’s about time to give the people what they want, which will hopefully in turn lead to a tour or two.

The track itself is high energy, heavy on the synths and almost unapologetically punk? There’s an element within it that gives me some serious Blink 182 nostalgia, I think primarily in the lyric sound and content. Her voice though maintains that beautiful sound we froth right on. The builds into the chorus are so solidly done, just the right amount of time to get you excited to belt your lungs out on the very catchy chorus. The lyrical content itself appears to be about a toxic love situation, where one person has all the power over the other, which you can really feel in the lyric “You were a kaleidoscope”, indicating that nothing they did was ever really clear.

I really enjoyed it and can’t wait for more in the following months from CHVRCHES.

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author: Elliott Armour

One thought on “CHVRCHES – ‘Get Out’

  1. Bella Bery says:

    I love this song

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