Swedish producer Kasbo brings forth an array of gifts to us all in the form of the atmospheric new single ‘Aldrig Mer’ featuring TENDER on vocals, and the announcement of his debut album, ‘Places We Don’t Know’.

‘Aldrig Mer’ (translated to ‘No More’) begins with the intriguing combination of organic instrumentation using the guitar riff, coupled with the tribal feel within the percussion which builds into the enthralling crisp melodies that lie within TENDER’s emotive vocals. From here, Kasbo places significant emphasis on the harmonised vocals within the bridge, to build into an emphatic drop full of movement in the sampled elements, with an impressive boost from the low end of the mix, courtesy of an impounding bass that provides a mammoth lift in intensity, whilst blending cohesively with the atmospheric offerings either side of it.

‘Aldrig Mer’ is out now via Foreign Family Collective/Counter Records, and stay tuned for ‘Places We Don’t Know’ around March 23rd.

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author: Chris Salce