Not too long ago newly formed Melbourne duo No Mono debuted, and their musical releases have been nothing short of spectacular.

Tom Snowdon (of #1 Dads) and Tom Iansek (of Big Scary) have dropped their second single ‘Violence Broken’, which is a haunting second release that will grip every sense of your being.

It is an extremely stripped back track showcasing Snowden’s unique vocal stylings to a rather lyrically charged song.

“I remember discussing the general themes of the song with Tom (Snowdon); the idea of arriving at the critical point of change in your life, when you decide that the way you have been living is no longer serving you. Tom (Snowdon) opened his lyric book to begin writing and the first page he opened to had the words “Violence Broken” written in the middle of the page. We smiled at each other. It encapsulated the idea so well, and the words flowed easily from here,” Iansek said.

Given those two words, what followed was a tale of overcoming fear within yourself.

“The song is about living violently, or against your own nature, and the tumultuous process of moving through this to a place where there is no fear, to live more in line with your truer self. It is grabbing the steering wheel of your life for the first time and realising you have no idea how to drive,” Iansek said.

No Mono will be heading out on tour early next year, with the recent addition of a second show in Melbourne. Grab your tickets via the tour poster below for what will truly be a magical live music experience.

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author: Kara Bertoncini