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This one has been growing on me for a few days now and I’m really loving it. ‘Do You Need Me’ is the latest single from a European duo who call themselves Day Fly, and it’s also the first new piece of music from them in just over 2 years – much welcomed return I say!

‘Do You Need Me’ is a sensually smooth, electro-RnB treat that is so very easy to enjoy, and it also comes with a Folkert Verdoomit directed music video which was based on the idea to “create something that portrays a feeling of desire for a loved one. The video is a sort of open book – something for the viewer to project their own experience on.” – Day Fly

Day Fly are also announcing that they have a debut album on the way called ‘Love and the Lack Therof’, and I for one am pretty keen to see what else they have up their sleeve.

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