One of Australia’s great female voices has gifted us with a record that just keeps giving every time you press play.

Sampa The Great is Australia’s “Black Queen” using her voice to empower women and just make outstanding music. “Birds And The Bee9” is a 13-track body of work rich in soulful storytelling, harmonious melodies and earthy productions.

There is a real cohesion to the feel of the album allowing you to free your mind, tune in to the lyrics and resolve with a sense of happiness at the end.

Teaming up with good friend and fellow rapper REMI on ‘Flowers’ is so awesome! I really love what these two are doing for the music industry these days, and their musical chemistry shines through on this track.

As the album flowed through effortlessly, I couldn’t help but draw a parallel to Kendrick Lamar, on ‘Karma The Villain’. There’s something about the dark tones and grittiness to Sampa’s raps on this track that sounded so much like Lamar’s latest album ‘DAMN’. Let’s be real; they’re both phenomenal artists – the best in their field.

Drawing on inspirations from her homeland Africa, Sampa The Great has cleverly and authentically blended musical percussions with modern day feels and sultry inflections. This is quite notable in the seven-minute epic ‘Bye River’, which poses the question “How you ‘sposed to be black down under?” Again, Sampa always speaking from a place of truth.

“Birds And The Bee9” is a full sensory experience that will resonate with you on so many levels. On a personal note, ‘I Am Me’ really struck a chord in its messaging and declarations of positive self affirmation. This is the beauty and strength behind Sampa’s music; she is a grounding figure we can connect with, and if you haven’t seen her live yet, get ready, cause this album is going to make for a wonderful set.

Rating: ★★★★

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author: Kara Bertoncini