‘Equaliser’ is the brand new electro-dance/hip-hop-funk single from Melbourne producer Running Touch, which is the result of a year’s worth of accumulating ideas and experimentation, and has him working with the mysteriously named I.H to help him bring this awesome new track to life.

“This record was what came of spending most of this year accumulating and experimenting demos in my studio. This was originally a freestyle demo I created for Instagram called “A Thousand Years” (It’s still there). A completely haphazard tweak led to me terraforming the song and it being pulled out of the “maybe” pile amongst the 20 odd demos I had. From there, from its creation, amendments, mixing and artwork… I would have never known how much would have to go into it.” – Running Touch

Grab yourself a copy of ‘Equaliser’ now via Casablanca Records.

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