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Holy shit I love Baths, and while in this scenario I’m talking about the artist Baths, I do love taking baths as well, so imagine having a bath with Baths!

Anyways, recently Baths (the artist) announced he’ll be releasing a new album this November called ‘Romaplasm’ while also sharing its first single ‘Yeoman‘, and he’s back this week with the next taste of that album with the fun, daydreamy, uplifting sounds of ‘Out’.

‘Out’ is a word that can mean completely different things to certain people, but as Baths explains it;

“The title ‘Out’ has a dual meaning— either referring to someone going out for the night, or being an out gay person. It touches on the intersection of both but mostly deals with how I feel in a club environment.”

“Romaplasm” will hit the shelves on November 17th via Anticon.

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