With the release of his “Bridges EP”, Vancouver artist iamforest has shared the haunting visuals to its title-track.

Working closely with Armory Pacific, the ‘Bridges’ music video is a stunning yet sombre account of the reoccurring rituals of one man losing touch with something, or someone, once familiar.

Night after night he hits the open road on his motorbike as the city skyline lights his way. The intermittent flashbacks allude to a lost love that will make any heart heavy. One scene will even have you catching your breath.

It’s almost as if this chase is an addiction, and that the memories are in fact the ones who force him to revisit them each night. The cinematography is breathtaking as it shows the magic of night even at the darkest of times.

Press play now for a video that captures the essence of a song layered with emotion, and then be sure to give the “Bridges EP” a few listens as well.

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author: Kara Bertoncini