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I decided that seeing electronic duo Slumberjack at Groovin The Moo wasn’t enough, and I had to experience their extended live show once again. It was a chilly Saturday night but inside Max Watts it was steamy and sweaty. Kicking the night off was my girl DJ Mimi of CRXZY SXXY CXXL who brought us a killer mix of hip-hop and trap tunes; the perfect compliment to a night ahead of pure hard-core electronica. I’ve seen Kuren pop up on festival line-ups quite a lot recently so to be able to finally see him live got me very excited. While he started off a bit icky, his set did liven up as he hairography and wild drop dance moves certainly impressed me. I do find a lot of similarities between Kuren and Kilter’s music and production styles, which isn’t a bad thing, but I’d like to see a little more musical colour from young Kuren. The drumbeats just got a bit same-same after a while. By this stage, the mosh pit was well and truly packed given this was a sold out show. I love a good mosh but I knew this one was going to be hellish, so I stayed just to the side of it. Sure enough, as banger after banger rolled on and their machine gun electronic beats shot through us, I had to pull out about 10 girls from the there. The circle of death was alive! It’s insane to see it action but hot damn it is full on. As the set escalated so too did the crowd’s energy. They played all of their hits including ‘Enigma’, ‘Open Fire’, ‘Afraid, Unafraid’, ‘RA’ and closed with ‘Fracture’. I was kind of hoping Vera Blue would make an appearance but alas, next time! I have a lot of respect for artists like the Slumberjack boys because their music and live sets require 110% of their attention, focus and energy. It’s definitely a cardio work out but they deliver each and every time. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of seeing them live. If every you need to just let loose, head to a Slumberjack show. Tell them Kara sent you!

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author: Kara Bertoncini photos: Kayzar

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